The Lft Ovrs App - designed to save you money, reduce food waste, and provide convenience

Our App is new and improving continuously. The premium area now allows you to add any food items you like so you can see a full list of everything in your freezer or fridge.

This will help you save money and waste less food... planning the weekly shop, no need to check if you have any chicken breasts in the freezer, just open up the Lft Ovrs App and you'll see exactly what's there.

The steps below explain exactly how the Apps features work. Click through the various pages to find out more.

If you are still struggling visit the FAQ or contact us.

LftOvrs Mobile App to Save Money and Food

What's it all about?

The Lft Ovrs App

Our Mobile App allows you to track your cooked meals or left over food so you waste less and save more.

Visit the pages below to get more detailed information of how the App works.

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LftOvrs premium section of the mobile app

Free for a month

Premium - Track any food

Free for a month - no card details required.

Now you can add any food you like to the app when it's not in one of our tins.

See a neat list of your fridge and freezer items and set reminders!

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Get Started.

Add Your Tins

First you need to add a tin. It's easy just press the QR button, scan the code and press add.

How to Add a Tin

Start Tracking Today.

Add Your Food

You can then add a cooked item to one of your empty tins in the app.

How to Add Your Meals
view your LftOvrs

See What You Have.

Your Lft Ovrs

View your cooked meals and left overs sorted by fridge and freezer.

Find The Right Container
Reminder Notification Popup

Never Forget.

Set Reminders

Create push notifications to remind you to eat some Lft Ovrs or to remind you to defrost something.

Set a Reminder