Meal Tracking App and QR enabled Stainless Steel Lunchboxes - made for leftover food and meal prep

Mobile App For Meal Prep

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Find out about the latest features on the Lft Ovrs Mobile App. Now you can track not only meals stored in our QR enabled lunchboxes and containers, but any food you like. There is a community to share recipes too.

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  • Durable Stainless Steel Lunchbox Icon

    Lunchboxes built to last

    Resistant to knocks and drops, our food containers are made from 304 Stainless Steel. The durability of the metal will mean it will outlast any plastic food container.

  • Recyclable Food Container Icon

    Metal is metal...

    Lft Ovrs lunchboxes can be used over and over and will outlast any plastic food container. Once you are finished with it, pop it in the recycling to help reduce your impact on the environment.

  • BPA Free Food Storage

    No Nasties

    All our food containers are made of Stainless Steel and some use Bamboo in the lid to make them a great for adult lunchboxes in the office or for children at school! The leakproof range feature a silicone seal which is more sustainable than plastic and can be easily replaced.

  • LftOvrs Mobile App to Track Leftover food

    Track Using Mobile App

    Track your cooked meals or leftovers. If you batch cook, meal prep or regularly have 'LftOvrs' you can track these in the free app. Set reminders to eat or defrost and easily locate these using a QR Code. This will help you save money.

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Learn more about LftOvrs Products and App

Want to understand how you can use LftOvrs to help your bank balance and the environment, why not read our 'What is it?' section. We also have a blog and will be adding great new batch cook recipes for you to try.

What is Lft Ovrs?

Lft Ovrs - why our app will help reduce food waste and provide you convenience.

Introducing Lft Ovrs, your ultimate meal prep companion. Our mobile app revolutionizes the way you manage your leftovers, seamlessly connecting with our eco-friendly stainless steel lunchboxes.

With Lft Ovrs, never let your delicious meals go to waste again. Our intuitive app allows you to track and organize your cooked meals effortlessly. Simply input your leftovers, set expiration reminders, and access them on the go.

Pair your app with our Stainless Steel Food Containers, designed for durability and sustainability. These eco-friendly lunch boxes keep your meals fresh and chemical-free, reducing single-use plastic waste.

Join the Lft Ovrs community today and elevate your meal prep game. Enjoy delicious, waste-free meals with our Steel Lunchboxes and the convenience of our app. Make a sustainable choice with Lft Ovrs.

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