The Premium Range

Quality stainless steel lunchboxes and food containers. Two-year Warranty.

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Durable, stylish, timeless.

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Find Out Why This Is PREMIUM

Durable Stainless Steel Lunchbox Icon

Built to last


With the ability to withstand rough handling and daily wear, these lunchboxes remain structurally intact even after accidental drops. Their enduring nature makes them a reliable and long-lasting choice for safely carrying packed meals on-the-go.

oven safe lunch box icon

Cook and reheat

Oven Safe

This versatility allows for easy reheating or cooking of food directly in the lunchbox, making it a convenient and practical choice for meal preparation.

freezer safe lunch box icon


Fridge and Freezer Safe

Ideal for storing perishable items and leftovers. Their durable construction can withstand the low temperatures without any adverse effects on the material or the stored food.

BPA Free Food Storage

Free From Nasties

BPA Free

Our containers are BPA-free, providing a safe and non-toxic option for food storage. Unlike some plastic containers, stainless steel does not contain any harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA), which can leach into food and pose health risks.

stainless steel lunchbox icon

Corrosion Resistant

Stainless Steel

Strong and sturdy as well as stylish. These lunchboxes wont stain or hold any nasty flavours or smells.

dishwasher safe lunchboxes icon

Easy to clean

Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning is a breeze. Their durable construction can withstand the dishwasher's high temperatures and powerful jets without compromising their integrity. This feature ensures that stainless steel lunchboxes remain hygienic and ready for repeated use.

Recyclable Food Container Icon

Eco Friendly

100% Recyclable

Reusable and long-lasting nature, reducing the need for single-use plastic containers. The material itself is 100% recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible choice. By opting for stainless steel lunchboxes, individuals can actively participate in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a greener lifestyle.

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QR Enabled

Link with the Lft Ovrs App

A QR code is laser engraved on the lunchbox to allow you to link it with our app to track your meals.