Waste Less, Save More: Practical Tips and the Lft Ovrs App for Reducing Food Waste and Expenses

Waste Less, Save More: Practical Tips and the Lft Ovrs App for Reducing Food Waste and Expenses


In a world where food waste is a growing concern, adopting smart strategies to minimise waste not only helps the environment but also saves you money. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or a busy professional, reducing food waste is a win-win situation. In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips to waste less food and introduce you to the innovative Lft Ovrs app, designed to streamline your efforts and make saving money easier than ever.

1. Plan Your Meals

One of the most effective ways to reduce food waste is meal planning. By creating a weekly meal plan and shopping list, you'll buy only what you need, minimising the chance of overbuying perishable items that may go to waste. The Lft Ovrs app helps streamline meal planning by allowing you to keep track of your cooked meals, both in the fridge and freezer, and set reminders to use them before they go bad.

2. Embrace Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is a game-changer for reducing food waste. Cook larger quantities of meals and freeze individual portions for future consumption. The Lft Ovrs app simplifies batch cooking by helping you organise your freezer inventory and sending reminders to defrost or consume your meals.

3. Understand Expiration Dates

Familiarise yourself with the difference between "sell by," "use by," and "best by" dates. These labels can help you determine the freshness of a product. The Lft Ovrs app can assist in tracking these dates for items stored within Lft Ovrs containers and even for items outside of them with premium features.

4. Organise Your Fridge and Freezer

Maintain an organised fridge and freezer. Label leftovers with dates, placing older items at the front for easy access. The Lft Ovrs app categorises your cooked meals, making it a breeze to locate what you need and avoid forgotten items at the back of your freezer.

5. Get Creative with Leftovers

Transform leftovers into new dishes. For example, yesterday's roasted vegetables can become a delicious frittata, and cooked chicken can be the star of a hearty salad. The Lft Ovrs app even has a recipe-sharing feature, allowing users to discover and share their favourite batch cook recipes.

6. Shop Mindfully

Before heading to the store, take stock of what's in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. This helps you avoid buying duplicates and ensures that you're using up what you already have. With the Lft Ovrs app, you can include items not stored within Lft Ovrs containers in your inventory.

7. Share and Connect

The Lft Ovrs app fosters a sense of community among users. In the recipe area, you can share your favourite batch cook recipes, chat with others, and rate recipes. This collaborative approach encourages learning and helps everyone make the most of their meals.


Wasting less food and saving money is within reach for everyone, thanks to practical tips and innovative tools like the Lft Ovrs app. By adopting these strategies and incorporating the app into your routine, you can take significant steps toward reducing food waste, cutting down on expenses, and enjoying the benefits of a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle. Start today and see the positive impact on your wallet and the environment.

Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash

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