New Features and Products Coming Soon!

New Features and Products Coming Soon!

Hello all,

Well now the App has launched and the products are starting to make their ways into peoples houses. We are waiting for more products to arrive so we can get them on the website and you can enjoy them at home!

In the longer term we are looking to add many new features. We don't want to give too much away and want to keep the suspense and make it a surprise, but if you have any feedback or ideas we would appreciate them.

Some ideas we have are:

  • Recipes: if you are batch cooking, the exact amounts needed for all sizes of container. 
  • More user customisations: customise your storage locations, your recipes, set favourites. 
  • Customisable reminders: e.g. a reminder to put something in the freezer later.

Message us with your feedback at

Remember it is still early days with this app and our products.


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