Introducing Our New Amazon Store: Lft Ovrs - Get your stainless steel lunchboxes now

Introducing Our New Amazon Store: Lft Ovrs - Get your stainless steel lunchboxes now

Our brand-new Amazon store is here and you can buy your metal and bamboo lunchboxes there and from

Effortless Meal Tracking

Lft Ovrs is your go-to solution for tracking and managing your cooked meals stored in QR code-enabled food containers. It's an app that caters to the needs of both batch cookers and meal preppers. Say goodbye to the days of forgotten leftovers in the back of your fridge or freezer!

Key Features

1. Seamless Meal Organisation

With Lft Ovrs, you can effortlessly add your cooked meals to your list of stored items. The app categorises these meals into separate sections for your fridge and freezer. This means you can easily locate what you want to eat when you're hungry without rummaging through your storage containers.

2. Smart Reminders

The app's smart reminder feature is a game-changer. You can set reminders to defrost your meals or to eat them before they go bad. These reminders work just like regular push notifications on your smartphone, ensuring you never waste a delicious meal again.

3. Premium Benefits

For those who want even more functionality, Lft Ovrs offers a premium area for a small monthly fee. This premium feature allows you to add any food items that aren't stored within Lft Ovrs lunchboxes. It's the perfect addition to your meal management toolkit, offering flexibility and convenience.

4. Recipe Sharing and Community

But Lft Ovrs is not just about managing meals; it's also about fostering a community of meal enthusiasts. Our app includes a recipe-sharing platform where users can share their favourite batch cook recipes. You can chat with fellow users, ask questions, and rate recipes, creating a vibrant ecosystem of food lovers.

Why Lft Ovrs Is a Game-Changer

1. Perfect for Batch Cookers and Meal Preppers

Lft Ovrs is a dream come true for batch cookers and meal preppers. It simplifies meal tracking and makes it easy to keep tabs on your cooked meals. No more confusion or food waste – just delicious, ready-to-eat meals when you need them.

2. Reducing Food Waste

At Lft Ovrs, we are committed to helping you reduce food waste. Our smart reminders ensure that you eat your meals before they go bad, contributing to a more sustainable world by minimising food wastage.

3. Convenience Meets Sustainability

Lft Ovrs combines convenience with sustainability. By helping you manage your meals efficiently, we not only save you time but also reduce the environmental impact of wasted food.

Get Started with Lft Ovrs Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your meal management a breeze and contribute to a more sustainable world. Download Lft Ovrs from our Amazon store today and join the community of meal enthusiasts who are revolutionising the way we eat and reduce food waste.

Whether you're a seasoned batch cooker or someone looking to streamline your meal organisation, Lft Ovrs is your ultimate solution. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to delicious, organised meals!

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